Phew what a day! Three hours’ sleep catching up on school work, then up and about trying to catch up on house chores. My cats want the place to look nice, you know. Quite demanding those little furrballs. Then the much more enjoyable part came about. Although slightly comatosed from sleep deprivation, took my cousin and went to visit an old friend. He’s originally English, but quite a man of the world. Meet William!


Obviously, he has excellent taste in flowers as he moved into the house with edelweiss (i.e. Planika) above the front door. We spent a lovely afternoon together admiring Bill’s gorgeous dogs. I don’t know much about Basset Hounds, but these seemed impressively strong-built, sweet and most of all happy. The puppues are too cute for words, of course.

Tonto & Alenka
Yours truly with some lucky person’s future pride and joy.

I will write more here later. After I’ve caught up on my zzzzs. For now, let me just say if you’re looking for a beautiful and well-socialized Basset Hound puppy to simply enjoy as a pet or to add some show fun to the obvious joy arising from sharing your life with one of these sweethearts, William is the person to contact. He has been breeding and showing them succeffully for decades, with dedication and love.

Poleg tega je William pravi naslov za vas, če bi radi izboljšali svoje znanje angleščine! Prijavite se za kakšno uro konverzacije, ne bo vam ne dolgčas ne žal.

Here’s William’s website: Bassbarr bassets

Oh BTW, if you visit with Bill around lunch or dinner time, eat a very light breakfast. His cooking will have you begging for seconds.

Proud basset mom