I’ve been thinking about getting a blog for a long time, but not sure what I’d be writing. Well, at least if I put it on my own website, it won’t be crowding the internet. And here we go, just two days into this thing and I’ve found something useful – the wish list you can add to your account. My first toy-wish is now waiting for a fairy to fly by and swisssshhhhhh its magic wand, haha. Well, worth a try in any case.
Nina's Illustration
I’ve fully recovered from the Bohinj experience. Now I can’t wait for my best friend’s latest comic book to be published. Funnily enough we discussed the story board before my little mountain trip and it involves “bohinjske kvarte”, Bohinj’s version of the Bermuda triangle. I can’t tell you more, you’ll have to read the comic book yourselves… here’s Nina’s website if you’d like to check out some of this talented artist’s work: http://www.ninarupel.com/