My Object of Desire

She’s here! After roughly 20 years of dreaming about my very own SLR, she’s here. Her name is Nikon D40 and I adopted her from Hannes at Knauserershop in Austria. If anyone is looking to buy, I warmly recommend Hannes as not only the price was the best I could find, but the communication has been exceptional as well. My friends (Adriaan? ) know what this means to me… and I suspect some bloggers do, as well. Right, bubašvabe? 🙂

My heart jumped for joy when I emptied my mailbox (yep, the non-electronic ones do actually still exist) yesterday evening and found the note of a box waiting for me. This morning I picked up my “Nikki” on the way to work, ripped the box open and let the batteries fill up under my desk while I was busy in meetings, property viewings, traditional Friday lunch with Sabina and writing up a description of our latest investment project in the Caribbean. Perfect timing as the battery filled up just by the time I was ready to leave the office.

Here is Nikki’s very first photo:

Grandma Cvetka
My grandmother Kristina @ 86

I had fun quickly assembling the camera and taking the first few shots and can’t wait to get a chance to really test her and start playing with filters etc. Photography, here I come! 🙂

On a different note, seeing as I’ve heard my grandmother’s stories over and over (and over) over the years, it’s shocking that she still manages to find one I haven’t known. She is a very interesting lady. Worked in Ljubljana’s “rižarna” (rice plant) during WW II as a bookkeeper (she kept the real books for the boss, not the ones submitted to the tax officials… some things never change, huh) and supported the resistance fighters throughout the war by helping supply them with rice, knitting socks, gloves and ear muffs and the likes. What I just learned today while taking these shots is that she had also typed up the hand-written diary of Pavla Leban, the nurse in the famous Franja Partisan Hospital.