Miha Jazbinšek

A couple of weeks ago, while waiting for Mattie and Dilys, I took a photo of Peter Božič at Prešeren square in the centre of Ljubljana. At the time, Pengovsky mentioned the special relationship between Božič and Miha Jazbinšek. As it turns out, the mountain came to me and I didn’t have to set up a spy camp in downtown Ljubljana as popular as that may have been up until recently.

I was about to order my cocktail at klub300, enjoying the company of Adriaan and our lawyer friend when we noticed Jazbi (Slovene 101: jazbec = badger) sipping his beer and very involved in a debate with his company. Seeing as I haven’t invested into a telephoto lens yet (and actually nikki was left home), I walked up to them with Adriaan’s compact and asked for permission to take a picture at not much of a surprise to the camera’s owner, the lawyer however announced she would deny any association with me. But hey, this badger is a ‘stari maček’ (Slovene 101: stari maček = old cat = old hand) and had no problem having his threemillionfivehundredthirtytwothousandtwentysecond picture taken. So here you go. I still have to do the face-off pic. Soon…

Thanks for the lovely evening, you guys and thanks for being cool about the pic, Jazbi. Oh and the sex on the beach was great, as well.