Xavi’s first shot

Some of you will know exactly what I mean when I say I love Nikki (one of) my object(s) of desire. Recently, she got a baby brother. It’s ever so nice to see the family grow. I’m happy to say that Nikki and Xavi go together well and there has been no jealousy as of yet.

Xavi’s arrival was a big surprise and although he was truly a desired baby and on my mind for over a year now (ok, so Nikki’s got him beat there by say 15 years), he was a gift from… 🙂 I never figured wishlists worked. I set up one on this blog and entered the sleek compact Canon Ixus 800 IS.


And Lo and Behold, there came the camera all the way from England, carried by a special friend. Adriaan, thank you so very much! It was your birthday, you know! 🙂

Having come from the UK, Xavi took a while getting adjusted to the way our cameras drink their juice, but as soon as he was fed properly (thanks to the man who also named him), he started doing his thing. Above is his very first photo… my dear colleague and friend without whose help at the office I couldn’t do half the things I do, and I couldn’t do them half as well.

With gratitude to Adriaan, I am now thinking I should never have stopped writing up wishlists for Santa. And I wonder if someday Xavi will have to deal with being the middle child 😉 We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, eh?