Green Dragon

Go vote!

This text really should be in Slovenian as it’s meant for Slovenian citizens due to cast their votes in the presidential elections tomorrow, but since this is my standpoint regardless of the time and place of elections, here goes: it is one’s right and duty to go and cast a vote.

Never ever let me hear you say I am just one voice that cannot change a thing. The total of votes cast is but a sum of all individual votes whereby yours is worth exactly as much as the next woman’s (or man’s).

I care much less about who you vote for tomorrow than whether you vote at all.

If you’re still wavering, thinkg about what a long struggle it was to secure the Right to Vote to so many. If you’re a woman, think twice as hard.

So go ahead, exercise the right that you have thanks to the fight of so many before you and go fulfil your civic duty.


PS: No particular reason to feature the green dragon. I just like that photo. Taken this summer at the “Dragon Bridge” in Ljubljana.