Janez Janša
Janez Janša, Slovenian Prime Minister; (photo source)

I may be notoriously recalcitrant (hey, I just learned a new word 🙂 ) but I think just about everyone can see that yesterday’s statement by the Slovenian Prime Minister that the option of the entire Government stepping down is not out of the question is nothing short of a brilliant bluff.

By giving this statement, the Strategist who functions best at times of duress effectively stopped the down-with-the-government campaign before it could begin. He will be turning from a villain to a victim in no time, blaming the EU Presidency (supported by everyone) for any and all problems that may arise. The poor-me/conspiracy card works like a charm.

I am doing a great job and if you think you can do better, go for it! A year before the elections and with the EU Presidency adventure inbetween? We all remember what happened 7 years ago with the player roles reversed, right?

One has to admire the way JJ is playing his hand. He has placed the opponents into a no-win position. Call his bluff and lose the elections or don’t call it and silently admit that he is needed and adequate at his job.