Celje fairgrounds hosted an exhibition this weekend they tagged as the First Erotic Fair in Slovenia. To be honest, even having gone with less than high expectations, it let me down. I’d been to a similar show in Amsterdam a few years ago and though I didn’t hope for anything quite as diverse, I thought they could muster up more than:

1) A stand of the biggest Slovenian sex shop chain (I pass one of their shops en route to my regular lunching place almost every day);
2) An obnoxious Hungarian (sales)woman with signs in German selling (or rather not selling) potentially sexy garments – customers were a nuisance to her;
3) A tattoo/piercing stand;
4) An anti-aids / safe sex campaign stand;
5) (my favourite): Scratch-your-head (ok, was supposed to be massage) for free stand, selling a head-scratching/massaging contraption.

And a few of the plastic blonds on the stage. One of them was even kinda cute.

Apparently, it was a mistake to have come on Sunday as reportedly, some of the exhibitors were removed from the fairgrounds on Saturday by the tax authorities. I had both my cameras with me, but unfortunately, I saw nothing really worth photographing, so no photos to share this time (humm now that’s a first!).

OK so it was interesting from a certain point of view, but not something I’d recommend going to. And certainly not something I’d ever have called an Erotic Fair. Hey, if you do a show like this, at least do it with STYLE. I’d venture a guess that this particular fair satisfied a very specific target audience, namely the 17-year old male population. Give or take a couple of years.

On the upside, it won’t be difficult for the next one to top this event.

Here are some sources of photo material from people who apparently felt more inspired by the event than I did. The legendary Seks hasn’t let us down. Irena sirena has a good shot of my favourite stand. Veliki mož was as enthused as I, but at least took a few pics. Dejan could find no satisfaction, either, and Had took photos of one of the potentially attractive blondes. Again, though, may I suggest reading up on the terms erotica and… porn? She said, ever so non-anal-retentively. But I digress…