While I appreciate the fact that our Government Communication Office regularly puts together a newsletter on current events in the country that anybody can subscribe to, I think it would be kind of nice to respect our language and possibly politicians (?) enough to spell their names correctly. Using čžš, that is.

Unless the keyboards were sponsored by a predominantly English-speaking country, these guys should be able to locate said letters on there someplace and when it comes to the dreaded umlaut, perhaps they should learn from my favourite moose

Just when I thought the Government Communication Office spelling Slovenia’s President as ‘Tuerk’ was a bit of an issue, I settled a real (or cyber, anyway) life issue with an American company’s live-chat tech-support guy. Let me quote his final words before the black screen sent him to oblivion… (Or possibly back to India.)

    Tech Support Guy: “Thank you for all your patients.”

Hey, anytime 😉