Drnovšek at the March for Food 2007
Janez Drnovšek at the March for Food 2007 (photo by dr. Fil)

An era of Slovenian politics reached an end tonight as quietly and inconspicuously as the main actor in this particular stage production probably would have wanted.

Whether you agreed with him or not or rather no matter at what time of his life you would have seen eye to eye on an issue, the man had a certain style. I cannot pretend to have known him, even though such presumptions come to us easily and naturally when prominent public figures are concerned, but who he was and what he did had a major influence on my life as well as any other citizen of Slovenia.

I sit in the park in front of the Karlskirche in Vienna, bathing in warm sunshine and I find myself pondering once more over what is truly important. And I think of all the people who have enriched my life in just the past two days.

I think about the medical doctor who made it a point to make me smile early in the morning. I think about the HRM officer struggling with corporate helplines as her respiration machine failed. I think about the Bulgarian lady who is leaving her home and family and coming to work to Germany for a European institution in search of a better life. And about a Romanian girl about to quit her well-paid Luxembourgish job in order to have at least a semi-normal life with her husband who lives in another country. About the Swiss taxi driver in Luxembourg who is saving up to finish his architecture studies in Portugal. About my ex jogging partner who named me dr. Filomena and is now endulging in the sensations of partnership and love after many a failed attempt at forced happinness. I think about the two lovely children I played with last evening and who made me remember what true joy really is while they tickled me half to death. I think about the man I love.

And I realize. Again. It is all about people.

The man whose focus shifted so dramatically from material to spiritual, from things to living creatures, knew. A man of power became a man of inner strength.

Rest in Peace

People Rule
or at least the should

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