So you’ve decided you’d like to build your own property in Slovenia and are looking to buy a plot to develop. Assuming that you can buy real estate in accordance with Slovenian legislation (in case of doubt, read this), these are the basic steps you’ll be taking once you’ve found a plot to your liking:

  • Obtain a land register record for the plot in question
  • Obtain the municipality’s certificate of the purpose of the plot and information on the permissible development of the plot
  • Obtain a confirmation or decision from the municipality stating its waiver of the right of pre-emption (if it has such a right) or a waiver of the right of pre-emption from any other holders of such right to the plot in question
  • Obtain consent for the sale of an undeveloped building plot issued by the competent administrative unit of the Ministry of Defence if such a consent is required
  • Sign a sales contract in the form of a notarial record drafted by a notary or drafted by another lawyer with the seller’s signature later certified by a notary
  • The seller then has to report the sale to tax authorities that levy the sales tax (required: two copies of the sales contract as one is retained by the tax authorities)
  • Tax authorities provide a mony order form for the levied tax
  • When the form with the bank’s proof of payment (this tax is paid by the seller) is returned to the tax office, it returns one of the copies of the sales contract with a seal certifying the tax has been paid
  • Notarize the seller’s signature on the sales contract
  • Prepare a motion for the entry of your ownership right into the land register (done by a notary, lawyer or real estate agent) and supplement with:
      a/ The original sales contract stamped by the tax authorities
      b/ Certificate of the Purpose of the Plot
      c/ Proof of payment of the court fee for the entry of the ownerhip right
  • Submit the motion and supplements to the land register at the competent court
  • The court issues a decision on the entry of the ownership right into the land register
  • Obtain a new land register record for the plot (which will already list you as its owner)

Once the above steps have been taken, you will have full title of the plot and can continue the process by obtaining a building permit.

It is advised to use a competent real estate agent that will guide you through the process and minimize your worries and involvement with paperwork.

In order to sign a sales contract, you will need to first obtain a Slovenian personal registration number and a tax number if you do not have those papers yet. (Again, a good real estate agent will handle that bit of paperwork for you as well.)