Here’s your chance to see from up close how Slovenian movies are made. Jonas is involved with Vinci’s latest production, Vampir z Gorjancev (Gorjanci Vampire; Gorjanci being a region in Slovenia). They are looking for 100 extras as students during a lecture at the Faculty of Arts (location).

 Saturday Night Fever
(source) just as a broad reference for the dress code 😉

The movie takes place in the seventies so if you have some time to kill this Sunday around noon,  go check it out, but make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the period (think bell bottoms) 😀 You can either appear at the set ever so groovily or call Ivona at +386 41 555 592 to let her know you’re coming.

(Lisa, Jay?) I don’t suppose you’ll be required to speak Slovene. If anything, you might appear to be listening to the professor more attentively than the average student.

PS: Jonas instructs not to shave.

EDIT 15 FEB 08: Change of location. Show up at the Biotechnical Faculty (location)