The last public message by Janez Drnovšek was on the meaning of life. The original in Slovenian was published by the Movement for Justice and Development (Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj), established by himself.

Janez Drnovšek
(photo source)

What do we want from life?
Peace. And we look for the meaning of our existence.

Do we have to search for the meaning of our existence?
Of course. Have you perhaps found it?

Can we find the meaning of existence in the fulfilment of material desires?
Many people do.

But have they found their meaning?
They have found their meaning in meaninglessness.

Is fulfilment of material desires meaningless?
It is the desires that are meaningless.

But can we be devoid of desires?
If we have no desires and expectations, we are have no worries, either. We are at peace.

Is it enough to be at peace?
If we are at peace, we have found the meaning.

Is peace what we are looking for?
Peace is what we can find.

Is there anything other than peace that we can look for?
We can seek, but cannot find.

We can find success, money, power and fame.
But we lose our peace.

If we have all that, do we still need peace?
We need it even more.

But can we not find it afterwards?
Only if we are not attached to success, money, power and recognition.

It is difficult not to be attached to all of that!?
If we are attached, we are afraid of losing it all. And fear and worries create restlessness.

But is not everyone afraid or worried about one thing or another?
Only because they try to obtain or retain something.

We are afraid of death!?
Because we are attached to material existence.

But is not every existence material!?
It can be spiritual as well.

What is spiritual existence?
The one that transcends material existence.

How can it transcend it?
By transcending attachment.

Attachment to life itself as well?
Yes, attachment to life itself as well.

If we are not attached to life, are we then at peace?
Then we are at peace. We are not even afraid of death, much less of anything else.

Is this the purpose we are looking for?
This is the peace we are looking for. If we do not find it, we are the prisoners of fears and worries.

Does life with no material attachment have a sense to it?
Do fears and worries have a sense?

There has to be something other than peace that gives our lives a purpose!?
True. That is goodness.

We must do good. This gives our life a meaning.

Peace and good, then?
Peace and good.