Photos: from a mountain trek


Just sharing a few photos. Hope you enjoy. I may not have run into these guys, but can’t say I mind. My views were much better than that 😈


Mr. and Mrs. Surefoot


Tread with care!


So delicate yet so resilient.


I’d never seen these before and found them absolutely stunning. Can anyone help identify them?


Ever wondered what the view from the Top is like? The above may help answer your question, at least as far as the view from the top of Slovenia goes. Shot taken from the inside of Aljaž Tower at the top of Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia at 2864m.

Plenty… and I do mean plenty more photos on camera. Should I go ahead and bore you with more? 😉

Ice Ice …


Top of Slovenia



Going up.

Bike is Better


Why riding a bike to work beats using the car.
Celovška cesta, Ljubljana

Vegetable Musaka (Moussaka)

Vegetable Musaka

Made this for friends who do not eat meat or fish. With thanks to Binula for her tips!

Vegetable Musaka

Served 4:

Cooked eight large sliced potatoes and drained them well. Covered the ceramic pan (no grease necessary as the olive oil from the stir-fried zucchinis suffices along with the sour cream that drizzles through the potatoes and veggies) with half of the potatoe slices, salted.
Topped with three sliced stir-fried zucchinis.
The next layer were four large sliced quickly-cooked carrots. Topped that with a large aubergine, sliced, salted, grilled on the big toaster and cut into cubes. Sprinkled with some grated cheese to hold together.

Topped with another layer of the cooked potatoes and salted.

Mixed sour cream with two eggs, three large spoons of flour, salt and pepper and poured over the top.

Baked in the oven for 15 minutes at 220°C

Sprinkled with grated cheese and baked for another 5 minutes.


Vegetable Musaka

As a side: shredded a large cucumber, added yoghurt, garlic, salt, pepper, some hot pepper seeds and dill.

Bon appétit, my vegetarian friends 🙂
And Bon voyage!

Dance and the City: Ljubljana, 16 May 2008



Life is to be enjoyed and these guys and gals know it.

Way to go!

Gotta take dance classes… 😀