Butterfly on Mt. Triglav
Photo by dr.filomena: Butterfly (moth?) grounded on Mt. Triglav (click to enlarge)

I just cannot believe my bad luck! Just as I decided to go back to law school, I found that everything I learned a long time ago is now obsolete and I will truly have to start from scratch.

I was quite aware that based on the 49:26 vote in the National Assembly back in May, a new Criminal Code will enter into force in Slovenia on 1 November 2008. I was furthermore aware that contrary to what I was once taught, Slovenian criminal legislation has introduced life sentence, semi-public records of pedofiles and several other novelties.

I admit that I did not know, however, that Slovenia introduced additional definitions of criminal offences, such as the “Meeting of People” (sestajanje oseb), “Grand Filth” (velika svinjarija) and “Minor Filth” (majhna svinjarija). I thank Minister Mate and Prime Minister Janša for the pointers!

I do not think law books by some dusty old Professors compromised by the system of yesteryear will come in handy in any respect. I have resolved to study by watching live TV broadcasts from the National Assembly and reports from news conferences held by the Government’s Ministers.

If I fail an exam, I will know exactly whom to blame! And whom to ask for deus ex machina assistance.