A week ago I noticed green tomatoes in the grocery store. I honestly don’t remember ever having seen them before, but this time I felt a strong urge to try making fried green tomatoes. Who hasn’t seen the film, right? Anyway, off into the shopping basket they went. A note: no idea if this is true of them in general, but these stayed nice and firm in for a week. A good thing as I tend to overshop my veggies. After some web research for a recipe I wasn’t sure which one to use, but since I don’t like fried foods in general, I was thrilled to have found this site: SimplyRecipes not because of the originally posted recipe, but one of the comments.

Claude wrote:

“Sorry, those aren’t real fried green mators! I was raised on real ones since I was 3 years old. The recipe is simply this (pasted down from grandparents living in the 1800’s)…

Slice em no more than 1/4 inch thick
Dip in milk
Dip in flour mixure (salt & pepper only)
Fry (on med heat) until dark brown (in lard, corn or veggie oil)

Simple huh? That was the way it was and that’s how they were made.

ps we used lard but veggie oil is better for you; I now use corn oil.

No eggs, no cornmeal or olive oil…if ya want’a zest em up, use seasoned salt instead of regular salt. I still eat them at least once a week and at 89 years old I’m still doing fine!”

So Claude’s way it was. I did exactly as described above.

Slice and dip in milk

Dip in flour mixure (salt & pepper only)

Fry (on medium heat) until dark brown (in lard, corn or veggie oil)

Thanks, Claude! I had no idea these things were so good! And without even trying to make them with batter using eggs, olive oil and fancy spices, which I do normally enjoy, I knowI prefer them this way.

Such a nice combination of fresh and sour with the warmth of the frying pan. Delicious.  Will be made again around here.