Above: Masada, in the 1st century a.d. the site of a mass suicide of Jewish rebels who chose death over surrendering to the Romans.
(photo by dr. fil)

On 10 March, Christians in the West remember the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste who died in the name of their chosen faith.

In my home country, 10 March is also the day women give their condolences to their male cocitizens for having to put up with the population that celebrates its day two days before.


  • in the hope that the increased influence of women in world politics and a growing number of women in positions of power will dilute the testosterone involved in decision-making processes;
  • in the hope that martyrdoms of all sorts (Baghdad 8 March 2009) will be rendered unnecessary and will even before that be found to be an inappropriate and fruitless tools in problem resolution;
  • in the hope that the dead will be left to rest in peace and the well-being of the living will take precedence over the temptation to dwell on the past and abuse the deceased to promote current political agenda

I hereby congratulate all men who handle PMS, mood swings, the many questions, planning, desires that extend well beyond beer and sports with success and not only do not give up, but enjoy the ride.

Here’s to you, guys!

dr. fil

PS: I’d send a flower, but I find that food works better, so: