Ernest Hemingway, a.k.a. Papa, kept a large number of cats, many of them polydactyls (Mother Nature gave them extra toes). When asked why, he replied that one cat just leads to another. No objections there from dr. fil. Photo above: Archibald Leach, a descentandt of Hemingway’s cats, taking it easy on the bed in Hemingway’s house master bedroom and apparently agreeding with the T-shirt message.  

Key West may be a tiny community, but there is still much to see and do. It has changed since I was here with my sister some eight years ago, but then again, what I truly loved about the place is still exactly the same. The people still have a great sense of humour and true to the nation of the Conch Republic that declared independence, declared war on the US, surrendered immediately and requested 1 million dollars in foreign aid. Simultaneously.

Photo of shark above by Pengovsky

Snorkling on the coral reefs is something else. With beautiful weather the visibility was perfect. Though perhaps super visibility was less desirable once we found ourselves at a few feet distance of sharks or when we were suddenly passed by a school of a dozen huge barracudas. Those things look mean!

One of the recommended attractions in Key West is definitely the Pirate Soul museum. We spent two hours in there, absorbing the plentiful information presented in a very attractive manner, supported by tastefully displayed original artefacts.

Next stop? Marathon.