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Guided Tour of Ljubljana Castle on Saturday Evenings


Ljubljana at Sunset
photo by dr. fil

OK so I love Ljubljana, what else is new. Plenty, actually. There is always more to discover in this beautiful town, always a chance to learn something new about the history of the buildings, the nature surrounding it and the people who called the area their home over the past several millennia.

Two weeks ago I made a short trip home and used the opportunity to take a new tour, one that takes you to the hidden spots of Ljubljana Castle that tourists usually don’t bother looking at, they look at them ignorant of what they’re seeing or the areas were not publicly accessible before .

Suffice to say that the tour was worth every eurocent and then some. It’s on at Saturdays, possibly only in August, at 8 pm and finishes with a glass of sparkling wine on top of the castle tower at sunset (see photo above).  OK, you can have orange juice instead, but the moment may lose some of its glamour that way.

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