Slovenian forward Nejc Pečnik’s ankle broken by Clint Dempsey.
(Source: Žurnal 24)

My Google alerts e-mails set to to send me links to interesting online articles pertaining to Slovenia have been filled with a single topic for the past few days. One could call it an analysis of the USA-Slovenia football match, but one could just easily summarize it as a long-winded American whine over the draw. This made for an interesting read the first day. Possibly. Now it’s just becoming annoying and very unlike what I imagine the American spirit to be. Call me naive.

The articles focus on the allegedly “stolen” match and on the third US goal being disallowed unjustly. Of course, none seem to mention that the US team played roughly throughout the ninetysome minutes, seemingly confusing real football with the American type thereof, or possibly rugby with certain elements of wrestling. None mention the fact that the US players got away with a lot while half the Slovenian team seemed to be given a yellow card. And I have yet to see a note to the effect that Slovenian forward Pečnik’s ankle was broken by one the the American players. I just read a headline that spells “Pečnik breaks ankle”. He didn’t break his ankle by tripping down a staircase. He had ample help. And not even a simple foul was called.

Look guys, this is sports. The Slovenian team did a great job in the first half-time. The US team did a great job in the second half-time by proving both psychologically and physically well-prepared. The whole thing was rough and the goal scored during a wrestling match in the penalty box was disallowed by the referee. His decision stands.

Now for crying out loud, would you stop whining, admit that the Slovenians played well and focus on the next match. Preferably on how to play real football and not on how to break the opposite team’s players’ bones.