Just another day in Paris. One of a precious few I have left in this magnificent city that I’m falling for head over heels.

First thing in the morning, I gave a nice tip to a gypsy singer on the metro. Partly for her singing effort, which was not too bad, and admittedly partly to say thanks for not begging, stealing or trying the “have you just dropped this ring” con line on me.

After school, I went for a long walk and tested HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S to compare with the iPhone4 I handled last week. Both were rather impressive and I actually found both easier to type on than the iPhone, which is quite a consideration. But must go back and try the Apple toy again.

On my way to the concert, I stopped at a nice grocery store to get some fruits and was just slightly surprised to notice a nicely clad (white) lady of some 50 years stealing a stick of butter. At least it was organic. Off to the metro where a group of little old Italian ladies with a little help from the local men managed to hold on to two young (12 y/o?) gypsy girls who’d stolen cash from a wallet in one of the group member’s purses.


The concert was just fantastic. So much good music played by true artists. Nearly 17,000 people in there and maybe 30 of them up and dancing unless specifically asked to stand up. Guess what I was doing for the better part of the event. To round up today’s leitmotif, Gypsy Kings came on stage to do the Bamboleo. We did also get to see and hear the future Mrs Santana on the drums, but it was the other musicians who made our night. The solos, the jam sessions, the ‘best of’ items, they were all pure joy to soak up. I’ll forgive the preaching bit at the end since his spirituality undoubtedly contributes to the man’s music.  Besides, he said it was important to forgive. Oh, one of Santana’s thoughts of the night… It’s important to make the ladies feel good. Because when they feel good, the economy… rises. So there you are.