Yellowstone geyser

(all photos in this post were taken in Yellowstone, photo (c) dr. fil)

Testing Blogsy.

  • Just giving it a test run, really.
  • Had to turn on location services in order for photo upload to work.
  • Most issues are addressed in the in-built help section.
  • This thing needs an undo button.

Blogsy crashes if I try uploading a large photo from my iPad’s library. It also crashed when I attempted to upload several medium-sized photos.

If I update a draft, it vanishes from the screen and I must fetch it again on the server. I tend to save my drafts fairly frequently. For good reason, but the practice becomes irritatingly time-consuming this way.

Paragraphs love to do their own thing here. They should be disciplined.

For a cool review of the app, see iPad envy. Apparently, Jenny Manytoes would purr next to Blogsy. I might employ my own feline testers and see what they make of it.

All in all, I like this app and find it the most useful one of all I have tried out so far. It has a few glitches to work out, but it makes blogging on iPad more feasible as far as I’m concerned.

September is the mating season for elk, which helped us see many of them. It was explained to us that they are less shy during that time.

Love, love, love the colours of Yellowstone.

See what I mean?

At sunset, we were usually watching wildlife at one of the overlooks.