The more things change


the more they stay the same.

This is the caricature published in Delo newspaper on 9 December 1985. The first page included a report on developments in the Vatican and a new wave of workers’ strikes in western Germany with a note on the OPEC trying to handle problems related to oil prices.

gutta cavat lapidem


Bee in Flight

gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo

Travel is Fatal…


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.
~ Mark Twain

All different, all equal

New Friends Rock


Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Raf at the Ahráyeph concert at the Lido in Leuven, Belgium.

Out of Darkness!

Let it Out


What a great guy!
Note: He even mixes a fine daiquiri.

You might at times be able to find him at the Bar 33 in Leuven (Eng. Louvain), the cozy and picturesque capital of Flemish Brabant a short drive from Brussels.

Cocktail Time

The 33 is part of the longest bar in Belgium, which is composed of roughly 40 bars at the Oude Markt (Old Market). It rolls alternative rock music and while – obviously – serving good beers and other drinks including good whiskey, offers excellent cocktails at friendly prices in an equally friendly environment.

Smurf & Jan
Proud owners of the bar who’d just taken over a month ago. I’ll have to go back just to see what more they’ve done with the place! I’m sure it’ll look great!

EDIT: Here’s a clip from the Ahráyeph concert:

Swan Lake?


Greetings from Luxembourg, everyone!

Here are just a few photos from Lake Zbilje back in Slovenia, taken last weekend, to keep the blog going at least a bit. Lake Zbilje is just a 10 minute drive from Ljubljana towards Gorenjska region and a lovely place to relax either on shore with a nice drink or ice cream and crepes or by taking a boat out for a row.

(Click images to enlarge)

Is that pretty or what.

Somebody’s been here…

No evil
See no evil, hear no evil

On What Really Matters


A short video clip from the Cow Ball in Bohinj last weekend.



A full report from the Cow Ball in Bohinj will follow, but here are a couple of photos to start with.

Some things are bound to change…

Modern Cowboys

…but thankfully, some will always stay the same.

Neverending Story

Bob the Triceratops with a Pedicure Job


Ugo Furlan

In my line of work (real estate agency and investments) I have the pleasure of meeting many interesting people from all walks of life. Each and every one of them has a story to tell and can make for entertaining company, but some are extra special. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Ugo Furlan, an Italian illustrator and multimedia artist. He does beautiful work with drawings used in anything from comic books to calendars and business gifts, but I was most impressed with his little foamy sculptures.

Ugo Furlan's illustration

Above is an illustration from a ‘where and how to dine in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region’ book. A very rough translation of the waiter’s words to the customer: Menu? I don’t know that word, Madam. This is a restaurant, not a library, maam. Come on, just eat. Afterwards, you can read the bill.”

Ugo Furlan and Bob

Like I said, I loved Ugo’s little hand-painted dolls made of a sort of a hard rubber combined with silicone, quickly frozen to produce the effect of special effects’ material used in movies. The one that really drew my attention was the little triceratops blowing his toenails dry after careful application of nail polish. It seemed completely unaware of the fact that its purpose in life was to serve as a book stopper and too cute for words. It wasn’t difficult to spot my enthusiasm and kind Ugo let me adopt the cutie pie after branding him with a proper autograph. I’m calling him… Bob 🙂 And no, I don’t think he’s going through a gender identity crisis. Back in the days, all triceratops, both boys and girls, kept two right-foot toenails nicely trimmed and painted red.

Clean Green (the Mermaid is Out)


Triglavsko jezero / Lake Triglav

Inspired by today’s Pengovsky’s Friday Foxy, I looked for my photos of the Triglav lakes next to the mountain hut (Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih) at the altitude of 1,685 m.

I didn’t get to see the mermaid, but found the views to be just as spectacular without her. It may have been the fresh air and the beauties of nature all around us or perhaps the sense of achievement after a rather long walk up to the cabin from Lake Bohinj… most probably a combination of both, but I was in awe. The only problem being that my sentiments were shared by easily over a hundred other people, most of whom had made their reservations and were able to actually spend the night at the cabin. There’s always next time, right 🙂

Triglavsko jezero / Lake Triglav

I couldn’t decide which of the photos I liked best, so am including several. Hope you don’t mind.

Triglavsko jezero / Lake Triglav

By the way, which of these photos do you think looks best? Don’t forget to click to enlarge.

Triglavsko jezero / Lake Triglav

My choice of video for the above photos that bring back lovely memories:

Swing and the City


The eight-second video above (I do need to come around to buying a new SD card for Xavi!!!) shows but a glimpse of the fun had by the group of swing enthusiasts at Kodeljevo Castle in Ljubljana.

Swing in Ljubljana

Swing in Ljubljana

Swing in Ljubljana

I’m seriously considering taking a class. The impressively quick feet or delightfully slow squeezes were such joy to look at. I haven’t seen that many people smile at the same time in a long time. The gals and guys meet at Kodeljevo every Tuesday night starting at 9 pm.

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