YugaTrip: Mostar


Build it and they will come.

Even better, even older, eh?

Make My Wish Come True


Photo taken at a museum in Cetinje, Montenegro

I know exactly what I’d ask for if a genie appeared from the lamp. And a little birdie told me my wish might come true in a couple of days 😀

Sunday!!! Yey!!!


Foyer européen


Aaaaaaahhhh the good old times… are back!

The Foyer. One of my top three favourite places in Luxembourg.

My absolute favourite bartender in Lux 🙂

And the drink he introduced me to. Lo and behold, a real kir royal again!

As luck would have it, the Foyer is in danger of being closed down. The powers that be will be making their decisions by the end of next week. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

See you there tonight? 😉

Dusk or Dawn?


dusk dawn

My New Home



YugaTrip: Who Wants to be a Be a Billionaire


photo taken in Zemun, Serbia

Še pomnite čase, ko smo bili vsi milijonarji? Nostalgija ni prehuda 🙂

YugaTrip: House of Flowers


Hello my friends… we’re back and still very much alive and kicking after the road trip through ex Yugoslav republics. Back to a different kind of reality though the one we experienced during the trip was no less real. A detailed report will hopefully follow at some time, but seeing as in the Quiet dr. Fil post the correct answer was ‘all of the above’, it may take a little while. I’m moving to another country next week, but definitely plan on keeping in touch here.

The first stop of the YugaTrip was Belgrade and the House of Flowers was one of the sights to visit, of course. Here are a couple of photos from there:

Hiša cvetja

Hiša cvetja

Hiša cvetja


Quiet dr. Fil



Let’s see what you think 😉

Dr. Fil was quiet for a long time, because

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Italy: Catholic Nun Beauty Pageant


innocent flowers
Photo by dr. Fil, taken on Mt. Triglav

In Italy, Corriere della Sera published news of a beauty pageant  for… Catholic nuns. The pageant is open to all nuns between the ages of 18 and 40.

Italian nuns will be able to show the world God’s gift of beauty by sending their photos to priest Antonio Rungi (southern Italian diocese of Modragone) who will publish the photos online and visitors to his blog can vote on the photos.”Miss Sister Italy”, the first beauty pageant of its type to take place in Rome, aims to challenge the stereotype of old and sad nuns. Father Rungi said it was the nun’s idea and that he expects about 1,000 contestants. “Nuns are above all women and beauty is a gift from God,” priest Rungi told a daily Italian newspaper. He continued explaining how beauty is not restricted to what we see on television and that young and vital foreign nuns will be participating. (source)

I shall hereby apply self-censorship and not say exactly what I think about this particular contest. Humm, I wonder if it will contribute to an increase in eating disorders in nunneries. Oh wait… silly me!

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