Jada Pinkett & Will Smith

My sister and I are not among the most gigantic of people. To put it otherwise, she is the same height as Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith and Kylie Minogue and I’m just a half an inch taller than Shakira.


I’ve just gone through something I’ve last experienced in kindergarten and did not quite know whether to be surprised, appalled or indifferent.

The sales are on and neither my sister nor I could resist, so on Monday afternoon we turned shopping into a sister-bonding event. We spent some time together, got some hopefully rather cool outfits and by the time we were all shopped out, we felt like eating junk food for a change. It kind of goes nicely with the whole sales concept so we stopped at a McDonalds. It turned out we were not the only ones with that bright idea and we ended up waiting in line for 10 minutes. Which would have been fine. Maybe. Though it sort of defeats the whole point fast food? Anyway, it would have been Ok had a certified idiot not chosen to stand in line behind us and try to upset us with remarks about our heights. Well let me tell you he got his own. These two girls can make a stand. Trust me, my sister alone could take him and his friend anytime 🙂 I’ll take him on verbally and she can act as my bodyguard.

Anyway, this primitive guy whose parents I don’t know whether to pity or detest works for Mobitel. I’d say here I’m really glad my company and I have chosen SiMobil, but must admit I have some good friends working for the competition so will try to refrain from doing so. Here’s the possible future Darwin Award winner who’s possibly learned a valuable lesson in picking on those /seemingly/ weaker than him.

Mobitel employee

In any case, the guy actually made our day even more fun than it was before as we had a fresh bone to chew on (Slovenian expression I guess) and it made for great further sister bonding.

Dottie Persson made a remark about me many years ago and it sort of stuck among my friends. Today, I solomnly pass the warning on to my sister as well:

Don’t Piss off the Peantus!