Sepia Eyes

I’m finally trying to recap last weekend. I was overjoyed to have received my Nikon D40 from Hannes and played around with Nikki as she’s been nicknamed a bit. So on Saturday, after lunch:

buckwheat/spelt pasta with veggies and home-grown basil

I took my bike out on the town. Stopping by at grandma’s first, I took this shot of a busy bee on wisteria:

Busy Bee

and hortensia


and carried on to downtown Ljubljana. The first stop of course had to be our dear Green Dragon 🙂

Green Dragon

Green Dragon

I carried on to Kongresni trg where a group of enthusiastic folks put on a very enjoyable concert as part of the Live Earth happening, called Rock za prihodnje generacije.

One of the best gigs was the joint session of Benč & Grašič:

Benč & Grašič

Thanks to all who organized the event, it must have involved so much work!

…after that, I rode my bike back home right past a Hare Krishna group,

Hare Krišna in Ljubljana

changed it for my cutsey Micra and went South, to the seaside. Met with my sister and her boyfriend and continued with the concerts in beautiful Simonov zaliv. Still carrying Nikki with me, I took these shots of Big Foot Mama

Big Foot Mama Big Foot Mama

Big Foot Mama

…and Kingston


All of this in the best of company:

sister & bf

happinness is...

and before you know it, a new day dawned and we could all start having fun AGAIN! 🙂