Pr'skelet bar
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I’m becoming a fan. 170 cocktails on the menu and so little time. Apart from the drinks and the ingenious decor that I still have to take pictures of someday, there’s always someting going on… as I’m sure this cool waitress (hairdo by Mič) will confirm:

Cool Waitress

For an unknown reason, Ljubljana has either ran out of mint sprigs or bartenders willing to bother with fixing mojitos. Still plenty to choose from, though. A B52, for example:

B 52 on Fire

I’m sure Jasna enjoyed her evening with the girls who’d just given her the birthday present. What good is a nice drink without equally good company 😉 This photo may serve to illustrate Michael’s pt. 2 on the 5 Best/Worst Things About Living in Slovenia.
EDIT: As was correctly noted in the comments, I was thinking of point 4.

Jasna and her Toy

These two guys from Solnograd in Austria love Ljubljana. Who could blame them.

Cause I Got High

At “Pr’Skelet”, they do also offer blow jobs. This is one of the ways you can consume them:

Enjoying a Blow Job