Thanks to Morska’s invitation, I saw the opening of Trnfest, the 16th traditional annual festival that sparks up Ljubljana beat every summer. The first art exhibition to be featured was by artist that goes by more names than Prince.

Matilda M. Dobro

Her current favourite designation is Matilda M. Dobro (dobro = good) and the show is entitled Troedina, which roughly translates to Female Trinity, or the “Comeback of the Drawing”. The works are packed with symbolism and even if a few of them seem to be haunted by horror vacui, they manage to convey the message quite clearly if one takes enough time to appreciate them individually. The two-dimensional quality of illustration allows the focus to be placed on the subject matter. Quite impressive.

The fact that Matilda a.k.a. e.g. the Queen of Snakes, has known Morska for a while, has not escaped me or my camera. I wonder whose always perfect nails she had in mind when working on several of these:


It was great to meet a fellow blogger and such an interesting person, along with her friends. Here is our pic, which ended up also being the last one in which my hair is longer than hers 🙂

Morska & Dr. Fil

The company was great and we ended up spending chatting away the rest of the evening at the Skeleton bar in old downtown, renowned for its extensive cocktail menu and impressive decorations that are mainly… well, skeletons. We covered a variety of powerful subjects and I can’t wait for another chance to do this again.

The morning after

One of the major issues in my life has been resolved. As discussed here, my hair really needed some serious work. Thanks to my wonderful boss (yes, such creatures do in fact exist), I now have a hairdresser I actually like and might go back to sooner than in three years 🙂 Mare Filipič of “Dresura Frizure” is one of the best professionals in Slovenia and assistant to one of the current top artists in the world. What a treat to have your hair done by the same hands that handle supermodels and rock stars. Just as importantly, Mare is a fascinating guy who’s been places, which makes for good conversation and the new hairdo seemed to take no time at all. I told him he could do anything he wanted with my hair. I expected blonde, inch-long hair, but here’s the result.

Mare's Hairdo

Ok so not quite the supermodel, but happy with my new cut.