Črno jezero

This is a shot of Črno jezero (Black Lake), which is one of the “7 Lakes of Mt Triglav”, the highest mountain in Slovenia and our national symbol, e.g. featured on the Slovenian flag.

Each of the lakes bears its own name that reflects its characteristics. When waters are high, Dvojno jezero (the Double Lake) becomes a single one and ss the spruce and pine tree forests around it cast dark shadows over the clear waters, it is called Črno jezero (the Black Lake). The waters are abundant with small fish and newts. And are the perfect remedy for tired feet.

The “7 Lakes” are positioned at altitudes ranging from 1319 and 2002 metres.

Črno jezero
Črno jezero

By the way, I’ve been up to the lake twice this summer and both times, upon glancing the Black Lake for the first time, my mountainwalking partners exclaimed not “how pretty” or anything to that effect, but rather: “Hey, it’s not BLACK!” 🙂

Here’s a shot of Ian on our way to the Lake

This song seemed like a good choice here…