Prized Cow

All on Board!

Calling all bloggers not to the chu-chu train, but the moo-moo ball. Kravji bal (the Cow Ball) has an impressive tradition and will be held for the 52nd time this year.

At least four bloggers will be present and since the more the merrier applies in this case, regardless of some things being best in twos as discussed at alcessa’s blog (happy anniversary!), why not join in on the fun and come on to Ukanc/Bohinj this coming Sunday? The event begins around 10 am and the organised bits go on until 8 pm. Afterwards, we’ll play it by ear.

Cow Ball Dance
Source and more photos of the 2006 Cow Ball.

Be there or be a Kekec!

Ali En – Who’s the real Kekec