To my cat fancy friends: I wasn’t really going to go ahead with any breedings this season as I have other priorities that need taking care of and not enough time to dedicate to the fancy, but Chuchi and Diablo saw fit to surprise me with this little package of purring joy.

This perky little Back to Black edition of the classic Persian model was produced by Kuorii El Diablo of Planika (black male out of CH Melositos Mr. European Gay x D’Eden Lover Eclipse of Kuorii) and GC Planika La Vie En Rose (tortie smoke out of Digit Unfer x CH Planika Larifari). I like to name my cats after songs and preferably keep them in connection with the parents’ names. This was going to be a tough one, but Xavi’s Godfather came through again with the perfect name. So, here comes the mischievous Slovenian goblin

Planika Perkmandeljc


Dušan Kastelic, the creator of the international award-winning Orlek music video below, explains: Perk (short for Perkmandeljc) is a mine-goblin and well-known and respected resident of our town /Trbovlje/. In my early days, parents often threatened me: “Perkmandeljc will take you in his hole like the other naughty children.” Read more about the video here.

I can’t miss out on a chance to thank Paolo Carnevaletti of Kuorii Persians here for his incredible generosity in sharing the kittens’ father with me. The baby says ciao, salut and hola to the breeders of his immediate ancestors (Paolo, Frederic and Sergio) 🙂