Slovenia: It’s S’Lovely

Found at another blog (source, thanks Adriaan): Condé Nast Traveler asked six designers to each rebrand a country of his or her choice for its September issue, and Paula Scher selected Slovenia for her effort.
“I’ve been to Slovenia twice and loved it. But most Americans don’t know what or where it is, which is something I wanted to address” says Scher. By highlighting Slovenia’s proximity to Italy, she made the country appear both physically accessible and “like it has great skiing and great food, which it in fact does.”
Although, as she commented in the article, “I don’t think countries should have logos. Logos are for corporations.”

Western Eastern Europe

While it may be difficult to shake off the feeling of being categorised as Italy’s appendix and the “love” bit of the word Slovenia has been used a zillion times in various similar solutions, do take a look at Paula’s other ideas at the source.