Reading Pengovsky’s post on the new party, Zares, I remembered having written a post reporting from one of this group’s events at the very start of the blog, before it acquired the whopping two or three readers it boasts now :mrgreen: so I thought why not recycle some of the old posts.

Here is one I’d originally posted on 28 June 2007:

For a change of pace from the serial killer night I accompanied my university professor aunt to a debate in Cankarjev dom held by Društvo Zares on the topic of proposed changes in Slovenian legislation pertaining to higher levels of education. Društvo Zares literally translates to the For Real Club and is a group of people planning on forming a political party soon.

I will make no comment other than that I found the group of the present people to make for an interesting combination and that I was most impressed by the representative of the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis. Oh just one remark, though. Everyone seemed to listen attentively except when the speaker happened to be a student. Humm.



Added note: That’s the new party’s new President Gregor Golobič on the left in the bottom photo.