The Last Message by Janez Drnovšek


The last public message by Janez Drnovšek was on the meaning of life. The original in Slovenian was published by the Movement for Justice and Development (Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj), established by himself.

Janez Drnovšek
(photo source)

What do we want from life?
Peace. And we look for the meaning of our existence.

Do we have to search for the meaning of our existence?
Of course. Have you perhaps found it?

Can we find the meaning of existence in the fulfilment of material desires?
Many people do.

But have they found their meaning?
They have found their meaning in meaninglessness.

Is fulfilment of material desires meaningless?
It is the desires that are meaningless.

But can we be devoid of desires?
If we have no desires and expectations, we are have no worries, either. We are at peace.

Is it enough to be at peace?
If we are at peace, we have found the meaning.

Is peace what we are looking for?
Peace is what we can find.

Is there anything other than peace that we can look for?
We can seek, but cannot find.

We can find success, money, power and fame.
But we lose our peace.

If we have all that, do we still need peace?
We need it even more.

But can we not find it afterwards?
Only if we are not attached to success, money, power and recognition.

It is difficult not to be attached to all of that!?
If we are attached, we are afraid of losing it all. And fear and worries create restlessness.

But is not everyone afraid or worried about one thing or another?
Only because they try to obtain or retain something.

We are afraid of death!?
Because we are attached to material existence.

But is not every existence material!?
It can be spiritual as well.

What is spiritual existence?
The one that transcends material existence.

How can it transcend it?
By transcending attachment.

Attachment to life itself as well?
Yes, attachment to life itself as well.

If we are not attached to life, are we then at peace?
Then we are at peace. We are not even afraid of death, much less of anything else.

Is this the purpose we are looking for?
This is the peace we are looking for. If we do not find it, we are the prisoners of fears and worries.

Does life with no material attachment have a sense to it?
Do fears and worries have a sense?

There has to be something other than peace that gives our lives a purpose!?
True. That is goodness.

We must do good. This gives our life a meaning.

Peace and good, then?
Peace and good.



Out of respect for the late Janez Drnovšek, this blog is painted in black today.

I already posted about him on Saturday in Full Circle and Mir.

Let us reflect today on what is truly important in life and what it is that makes us human. A special person departed from his earthly existence, but great men leave a lasting impression and an impact that transcends time.

(How to Make) Marble Cake


Another Sunday and another recipe I promised a while ago.

Here is what you’ll need:
Marble Cake in the Making

120 g butter (one stick)
4 eggs (split yolks and eggwhites)
180g sugar (just under one cup)
0.2 l milk (one glass)
2 spoons of rum
300 g (just under 3 cups)
baking powder
1 spoon of cocoa powder

Preheat the oven to 200°C (470 K)

Marble Cake in the Making

Beat the butter well, then start adding egg yolks and sugar and again beat untill well-blended. Set a bit of sugar aside and add to separately beaten egg whites.

Marble Cake in the Making

Stop the blender and pour in milk, rum and half of the flour, then blend again.

Marble Cake in the Making

Mix the other half of the flour with the baking powder and add spoon by spoon, together with the beaten egg whites, mixing gently.

Marble Cake in the Making

This is the dough, yeah! 🙂

Marble Cake in the Making

Grease the cake pan (and lightly sprinkle with flour, this should stop the cake from sticking and will allow for easier removal from the pan once baked).

Marble Cake in the Making

Put most of the dough in the pan and set aside about a third, mixing in the one or two spoons of cocoa powder. This is the brown part of the marbled cake.

Marble Cake in the Making

Now for the magic. Spoon the brown dough on top of the yellow one, take a fork and mix it deeply into the yellow one. Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 45 minutes.

Marble Cake in the Making

You can sprinkle the cake with some powdered sugar. Or not.

Enjoy the cake in good company. Preferably with a cup of tea 😉

Corporate World


Corporations run the world, right? Here comes another piece of evidence.

Signing out of mobile mode. Back to home sweet home.

Protest Against the Austrian Asylum Policy

This, too, is Vienna.


Adriaan, in response to your comment comes this mobile post from Cafe Sperl in Vienna that offers a variety of newspapers which wonderfully complement my tea and biscuits. If you google it you may find some interesting bits on this place.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s all about people, information is the most valuable asset and communication is the key.

Full Circle

Drnovšek at the March for Food 2007
Janez Drnovšek at the March for Food 2007 (photo by dr. Fil)

An era of Slovenian politics reached an end tonight as quietly and inconspicuously as the main actor in this particular stage production probably would have wanted.

Whether you agreed with him or not or rather no matter at what time of his life you would have seen eye to eye on an issue, the man had a certain style. I cannot pretend to have known him, even though such presumptions come to us easily and naturally when prominent public figures are concerned, but who he was and what he did had a major influence on my life as well as any other citizen of Slovenia.

I sit in the park in front of the Karlskirche in Vienna, bathing in warm sunshine and I find myself pondering once more over what is truly important. And I think of all the people who have enriched my life in just the past two days.

I think about the medical doctor who made it a point to make me smile early in the morning. I think about the HRM officer struggling with corporate helplines as her respiration machine failed. I think about the Bulgarian lady who is leaving her home and family and coming to work to Germany for a European institution in search of a better life. And about a Romanian girl about to quit her well-paid Luxembourgish job in order to have at least a semi-normal life with her husband who lives in another country. About the Swiss taxi driver in Luxembourg who is saving up to finish his architecture studies in Portugal. About my ex jogging partner who named me dr. Filomena and is now endulging in the sensations of partnership and love after many a failed attempt at forced happinness. I think about the two lovely children I played with last evening and who made me remember what true joy really is while they tickled me half to death. I think about the man I love.

And I realize. Again. It is all about people.

The man whose focus shifted so dramatically from material to spiritual, from things to living creatures, knew. A man of power became a man of inner strength.

Rest in Peace

People Rule
or at least the should

Edit: Go to Pengovsky’s blog for a comprehensive post on the -very full- life of JD.


Nič več dunajski konjarji.
Počivaj v miru.

Kosovo: Pick the Brains of US Under Secretary of State


I received this invitation, but will unfortunately probably be unable to join in. So guys, please go at least eavesdrop if not actively participate. I’ll be in Luxembourg visiting with the EU Commission. Maybe I can get a second opinion? (she snickers)

From the invite:

DATE: February 22, 2008
TIME: 10:00 a.m. EST / 15:00 GMT
TOPIC: Kosovo Independence
TAKING YOUR QUESTIONS: Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs R. Nicholas Burns

Don’t miss out on the chance to (try and) pick Burns’ brains on the issue of Kosovo.

On February 17, after lengthy negotiations with Serbia led by the EU/Russia/U.S. troika, the elected representatives of the people of Kosovo declared that province’s independence.

Please join Under Secretary of State R. Nicholas Burns for an online discussion about the significance of Kosovo’s independence and the way forward to lasting stability and prosperity in the Balkans.
SIGN UP AT: or you may use our guest userid.

1. Go to
2. Enter your registered email or
3. Click “I Agree”
4. Select “Join this Discussion”.

To ask a question, simply select the tab marked “Submit Question” and type your question in the space provided. We welcome your questions anytime before or during the webchat.

You may begin submitting your questions now. If you have more than one question, please submit each one separately.

Members of the press are kindly asked to state their affiliation when submitting questions.
If you have any difficulty accessing the webchat, please write to: for assistance.

Purrfect Pussy & Sidekick Four


Kuorii Per Sempre

Today’s purrfect pussy is a Black Beauty. This young black lady of Persian persuasion goes by the name of Kuorii Per Sempre and is one of the best kittens of her breed born last year, currently in the lead in world-wide standings of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. She is related to one of Dr. Fil’s cats (brag brag) and her pops is dr. Fil’s friend… a great guy and fashion victim Paolo Carnevaletti from Italy.

Per Sempre’s sidekick is another black beauty, though she is more athletically built than the Persian feline standard calls for. And yes, the red was necessary 😈

Black Beauty

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