Highhhhh Heels

Thanks to DougguoD, I may have just found the true reason why I like high-heel shoes. I always thought it had to do with my less than extra-tall height or the effect they have on the style of walking, but here’s another take:

BBC reports that high heels may improve sex life. Apparently, wearing higher heels may improve pelvic floor muscles and in doing so boost your sex life. In a letter to European Urology, Dr Maria Cerruto said her research showed it was time to stand up for the heel. “Like many women, I like high-heeled shoes,” she added. “It’s good to know they have potential health benefits.” (read more)

As abbym0308 says (great choice of photo, btw), heels also look sexy, which might make you feel more confident and therefore appear more attractive to a potential mate… which might make you score a date that leads to a romp in the sack… which also may be an improvement in your sex life.

Still have to get to the bottom of the red dress thing, though. Whoops 😉