I received this invitation, but will unfortunately probably be unable to join in. So guys, please go at least eavesdrop if not actively participate. I’ll be in Luxembourg visiting with the EU Commission. Maybe I can get a second opinion? (she snickers)

From the invite:

DATE: February 22, 2008
TIME: 10:00 a.m. EST / 15:00 GMT
LOCATION: http://webchat.state.gov
TOPIC: Kosovo Independence
TAKING YOUR QUESTIONS: Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs R. Nicholas Burns

Don’t miss out on the chance to (try and) pick Burns’ brains on the issue of Kosovo.

On February 17, after lengthy negotiations with Serbia led by the EU/Russia/U.S. troika, the elected representatives of the people of Kosovo declared that province’s independence.

Please join Under Secretary of State R. Nicholas Burns for an online discussion about the significance of Kosovo’s independence and the way forward to lasting stability and prosperity in the Balkans.
SIGN UP AT: http://webchat.state.gov/?tid=unsecure.register or you may use our guest userid.

1. Go to http://webchat.state.gov
2. Enter your registered email or chat@state.gov
3. Click “I Agree”
4. Select “Join this Discussion”.

To ask a question, simply select the tab marked “Submit Question” and type your question in the space provided. We welcome your questions anytime before or during the webchat.

You may begin submitting your questions now. If you have more than one question, please submit each one separately.

Members of the press are kindly asked to state their affiliation when submitting questions.
If you have any difficulty accessing the webchat, please write to: askamerica@state.gov for assistance.