The Caribbean, gorgeous weather, endless sand beaches. Dr. Fil is tempted, but still, guess what she is most interested in 😉


Although observing animals closely can help understand the animal that has proclaimed itself superior to others.


Hope you enjoy these pics. Plenty more on their way if I find the time to connect and post.

Variety is the Spice of Life


Five star hotels make her feel restless and she looks for an escape into the real world. They say Higuey is it. Otherwise, the exquisite cocktail mixed with local rums just for her should do the trick.

Show me Your Friends


… and I’ll tell you who you are has been rephrased by Mr. P to

Tell Me Your Song And My Readers Will Know Who Your Friends Are

Definitely worth a look (and a hear)!!!

Primary Colours

I presume Lisa would have said:  sedi, pet! 😉

KUD Kulsko… ups, Dolsko


Člani Kulturnega društva Dolsko so se včeraj spet izkazali in s premierno predstavo Okrogle mize pošteno nasmejali publiko. Iznajdljiva kombinacija gledališke igre, skeča in video vložkov je vžgala. Scenarij ima kar nekaj nastavkov, ki bi mu lahko omogočili nadaljnji razvoj likov in prepletanje njihovih zgodb. Upam, da si bodo scenaristka, režiser in igralci, ki so jo sooblikovali, vzeli čas in z dobro voljo, ki je imajo v Dolskem na pretek, uprizorili razširjeno in poglobljeno različico. Jaz zagotovo pridem!

Aplavz vsem sodelujočim! Uživaška predstava, ki jo toplo priporočam vsem, predvsem tistim, ki bi se radi skladno z željami sedanje vladajoče politične opcije dodobra sprostili.

Pa še nekaj slikic za pokušino:

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

Okrogla miza - KUD Dolsko

PS: Res mi je žal, da nisva mogla ostati na žuru, da legendarnega štrudla prav tako legendarne babice sploh ne omenjam. Delu čast in oblast, kenede?

EDIT: Več o predstavi: pri Binuli

Computer Star

When it came to cats, I’ve always known they were rather special. Hey, if you are designed to play with the tiny creatures that according to the ultimate trilogy in five parts are superior to men in all respects, you’re bound to rank high in the scope of the Universe and everything. It has always been clear to me that they comprehend much more than they usually let us believe, but now one of them seems to have let her guard down and openly displayed her abilities.

The subject in the photo below, officially known as Planika Zvezdica Zaspanka, also known as Zvezdica to friends, has been caught red-handed. Or black-smoke-pawed at the least. Literally.


Let me explain. I let my new laptop (meet Rodney! – those who’ve seen Only Fools and Horses will understand) open to run new software installation. Upon my return, I found that:
– the My Documents folder was renamed (hey whose documents are they, anyway?!)
– six desktop icons were renamed to Skype (humm…)
– 14 “Windows Help” windows were open

What remains to be seen is what other deeds had been done in my absence with the extensive assistance of the Windows Help files. Thanks to The Godfather’s candid shot, I’ll at least know where to look for the culprit.

Slovene 101
Zvezdica = little star
Zaspanka = sleepyhead (F)

Euro-Demo – European trade unions demonstrate in Ljubljana


Ljubljana: Beautiful weather today as trade unionists from all over Europe came to rally and demonstrate their solidarity. Representatives of 54 trade unions from 54 countries demanded better wages and for EU’s finance ministers to put a stop to wage discrimination. The event culminated in a rock concert and general good-fun attitude.

The organisers claim to have had a crowd of around 30,000, but the figure seems somewhat exaggerated.