Actually ‘El Zar Antidrogas Dominicano’, lawyer and President of the FNP (Progressive National Force) Marino Vinicio Castillo, campaigning for his partner, the current Dominican President running for reelection, Leonel Fern├índez. Santo Domingo. Elections will be held on 16 May 2008 and the whole country is involved in heated debates (which most tourists are blissfully unaware of, shut behind the guarded gates of beautiful hotel resorts).

People are happy to share their political views, however. To me, a sign of a true democracy. The prevalent thought is, as put by one of the many Dominicans I talked to, that the current President is the least bad of the options. How familiar a sentiment ­čśë Leonel Fern├índez is well on his way to victory and has more than 50% support according to current polls. Three parties (the violet, the white and the red) have their own candidates while the blue party led by Castillo above, partnered up with the violet and supports Fern├índez.