sisters actAfter last year’s success at the night-time race around Lake Bled (see the Cream Cake Night Run at Lake Bled entry) organized by the “Knights” (“Vitezi dobrega teka” translates to either the Knights of Good Running or to the Knights of Bon Appetit), they put on a repeat performance last Saturday night. Once again, it was a 10 km race around the lake at 10 pm.

The event was a huge success in terms of organisation. This time around, runners wore microchips to keep accurate records. Results were published online almost in real time. Club members were located at the right places to direct the runners and warn them of any potential problem spots. I may not have the problem, but some slightly taller people have to watch their heads running underneath slanted rocks. Water was being handed to runners at two spots along the route. The goody bag was even heavier than last year and I saw some were sincerely enthusiastic about the tiny lamps attached to headbands, for example.

Some things change and others always stay the same. So while my sister was not as slim this year as she was for the first run (compare to the photo from last year’s blog entry), she walked around the lake and I’m sure she’ll run the track again next year. And while last year, Pengovsky was at the Rolling Stones concert in Belgrade, I spotted his Radio Kaos T-Shirt at the finish line this time around. Bravo!

Many things did not change, however. Lake Bled is still a gorgeous setting for a race, the tourists sitting in the restaurants and taking a stroll were giving us all boosts of energy by cheering us along. We heard Slovenian, English, American, German, Croatian, Italian, French, Slovak and Russian languages at the least! Thanks, you guys! And it wasn’t just the public that was international. Quite a few runners were, as well. In fact, the second place among women went to a lady from Newcastle!

running backwards
above: that’s me running backwards to give sis a shot at well, taking a shot

T-shirts were a hoot once more. They read “A jih uhka 10 u en noč?” (“Can ya do 10 in One Nite?” in Gorenjska dialect). And the most important bit – the exceptional Cream Cake that was served to everyone who finished the race. Again, forks were handed out in the place of medals and again, the cream cakes seemed to work like magic as Sunday morning really was easy.

I am now a proud owner of two pierced-handle fork medals. And with the way “Vitezi” are keeping it up, I can’t wait to add next year’s to the collection!

This year was a bit special, I must admit, as the race was held  on what would have been my Mother’s birthday. So it was extra special to be there in the company of all the people I feel the closest to.

Some photos from the event: Nočna 10ka

And while we wait for the third “10 at 10” event, many of us are planning to run around the other Slovenian Alpine lake, Lake Bohinj in August. Details on the 11th Race around Lake Bohinj on 9 August can be found: here.