Black & White Sheep

One of the contenders in the quickly approaching Slovenian parliamentary elections (located at more or less the centre of the traditional political left-right spectrum) the Zares party (translated literally as “For Real”), has found an innovative way to advertise its cause. This up and coming party that evolved relatively recently but is lead by one of the most experienced political players in the country and includes some people with an established track record in national-level politics, put up billboards in neighbouring Croatia.

This type of advertising will not be possible in our country under Slovenian legislation for another week to come while in Croatia it is already addressing resident Slovenian citizens and – more importantly- Slovenians returning from their summer holidays on the Adriatic coast.

Perhaps Barack Obama could follow suit and put up billboards in Mexico and possibly, though probably less effectively, in Canada thus escaping the undoubtedly overcrowded local ad market. Somehow, I think he would achieve better results than his Republican competitor.

Ps: this is primarily an exercise in establishing a connection between hits to the site generated by the most obvious terms and the current political hotspots.