I did have my doubts as to the accuracy of the thermometer serving the Pharmacy next to Brittania pub in Clausen this morning. By the time I’d jogged down there, I had to look and see whether the fingers clenching the house keys were still where they should be. Perhaps not a good call to hold metal in your hands while it’s not very warm outside. The sign at the Pharmacy read 07:00, 7°C. How sweet. Off we go, back up the road to Neudorf, through the cloud of inviting smell of freshly-baked goodies at the bakery and passing the grocery shop that opens at… well, 7, not forgetting to wave good morning to the owner. (Note: with the owner Iranian, they import some interesting items that an unsuspecting passer-by would never have expected to find inside.)

Anyhow, when I finally let my trusted little car take me to work, she shared with me that it was really no more than 3°C outside. But a beautiful, sunny early afternoon. Easy to forget yesterday’s showers. Luxembourg weather changes about as often as one can bother to check it.

Luxembourg City, Clausen (photo: dr. filomena)

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve come to resent the poor-me attitude some people around here seem to adopt. The country, the town and its people are growing on me quite successfully. The climate may not provide hot and sunny days all the time, but neither do tornados, earthquakes or I don’t know, volcano eruptions make surprise appearances. Contrary to what people moan about, there are always events to attend, cool people to see, nearby breathtaking places to visit. Above is just one of the sights you might enjoy on a rainy evening stroll.

Bored is as bored does.