I Envy the Queen of England, but only today, as she is visiting the greatest place on Earth. See BBC’s note.

People waiting in front of the hotel in hopes of catching a glimpse of Royalty. (Source)

(all other photos by dr. fil)

Prešeren Square

Pr’Fotru on Trubarjeva street

Ljubljana fish market leading to the open-air market

View from (and of, sort of) Šmarna gora

A few bits from the Queen’s speech at the state banquet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21 October 2008

The Slovenian state may be young, but her people have made a rich contribution to the life of Europe, in arts, science and letters.  One important symbol of Slovenia, with deep and colourful historical roots, is of course the Lipizzaner horse which originated here.  Tomorrow, Prince Philip and I will visit Lipica to learn more about a breed which has been prized for centuries in stables across the continent and with which Slovenia so strongly identifies itself.

Contacts between our two nations go back many centuries.  In 1687, your great scientist and historian Janez Valvasor was elected to our Royal Society for his contributions to our understanding of the natural world.  In recent years we have lent his name to a scholarship scheme for Slovenian students in the United Kingdom.


I must also mention the long-standing affection of British visitors for the Julian Alps, which dates back to the beginnings of Slovenian tourism in the 1920s. Winter and summer, British visitors continue to come here to admire the beauty of your mountains, forests and lakes and to enjoy the warmth and generosity of Slovenian hospitality.  What is more, growing numbers of British people are making a second home in Slovenia.

So it goes…