Photo: Exhibition on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Skopje earthquake
Sometimes, every second counts 
(in Skopje, Macedonia; photo by dr. filomena)

Since I missed this blog’s first anniversary, I had set up a notification in my mail-handling software (not paid to advertise a multinational, am I <g>) to note a year and a half from the first post. Which is today.

But then, watching the McCain and Obama speeches at 5.30 this morning, it struck me that this is less than the length of the Presidential campaign of the next US Commander-in-Chief. Time is an interesting matter issue to debate, but let us get into that on another day.

I will just say that I find time to be rather well spent in the company of friends and good food. With that in mind, here is my first post on this blog: slastno (a ricotta pasta and swordfish “alla pizzaiola” recipe) and I’m off to try and make some buckwheat bread for the first time.

Got time?