Thanks to Had’s note, I read an interesting article on the redesign of the website. I’m no expert on design and my opinion is irrelevant, but since this post is listed under ‘ramblings’, I might as well saay that I find the design sufficiently clean, but not striking in any way. I’d have preferedan even cleane, simpler design with less variation as to fonts. Two at the most with less or no italics.

What really caught my eye immediately, however, is the display of Sony logotype on the TV set in the first photo on the very first page of the site, carrying an image of a rather tired-looking President. This ad must rival those of the Super Bowl commercials when it comes to audience reach. Could our governments start advertising companies instead of offering them straight out financial assistance? Hey, costs us less. Possibly.

Conspiracy theories are far too compelling to give up as entertainment on Monday mornings, and in view of Sony’s trouble helping the company through arguably subliminal advertising sounds nice enough. Reading up on the company, however, I’m confused as to what country it pays its taxes to and where most of its employees are.

Nice website, though. Really.

Ramblings over.