Key West Sunset


No comment.

ID the Perp #13

Not for the faint of heart.

ID the Perp #12


Poetry in motion.

ID the Perp #11


A rodent for a change… and a break from unidentifiable lizards.

ID the Perp #10

Inspired by alcessa‘s post, this is the next one in the line-up.

ID the Perp #9


This one should be easy! Again, click to enlarge.

EDIT: Adding same bird in flight.

ID the Perp #8

A few more for the series. And this one looks serious, does he not. Can anyone provide a positive ID?

EDIT: Adding another photo of a seagull at the same beach in Florida. Look carefully.

Museum Night


Another wonderful opportunity to roam Ljubljana’s museums all day long and late into the evening. Pictured is the original Napoleon’s decree establishing Illyrian Provinces.

Ljubljana Rules


Who cares about the low temps. There are ways to keep warm. Sipping a mojito at Stara macka by Ljubljanica River makes for a good start.

ID the Perp #7


I took this bird’s photo in our host’s backyard that overlooks a small lake… so beautiful! Can you identify this one?

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