(all photos taken on various occasions by dr. fil – please respect the copyright)

above: the new Honorary Citizen of Ljubljana, France Bučar gave an inspiring speech on values in today’s society, which received a standing ovation

above: the second new Honorary Citizen of Ljubljana, one of Slovenia’s top managers in his time Miran Goslar, instructed PM Borut Pahor on how to act in the current crisis; very interesting and possibly not quite as palatable for all as the first speech was

My blogging activity has definitely been declining. Again. Not that I ever considered myself a real blogger. This site started basically because of a nudge from a dear friend who thought I might have something interesting to say. Why he got that impression is beyond me. But I digress. Just to share with you guys a little bit of what has been going on around here.

above: never take yourself too seriously; Radio Ga-Ga, which recently turned 20 y/o should know (I just realised the first show was held on my birthday <G>)

Important info first. The cats are fine. Chuchi is being her wonderfully irresistible bitchy self and Perkmandeljc has become much more sociable and actually comes out to see the guests when they sit down in the living room. All the house parties must have done him good.

above: one of the house parties; just under 40 guests… ahem

Less importantly, I had a series of exams over a period of a month last month, starting with the last stretch of my EPSO competition. The final stage in this selection process, which took about a year all in all, was an oral exam in Brussels. I was successful and have been put on the reserve list. After that came an exam in the Political Science MA programme for Professor Cornell Clayton’s class on the constitutional development of the United States. What an interesting subject. Passing that one means I really should now start focusing on writing a thesis. Just do it, right? Not to make my life too boring, this exam was followed closely by my midterm French test.  Love the language! Have I mentioned that I do actually hold a full-time day job?

above: I have, of course, been cooking, baking and entertaining; pictured is my latest edition of wholemeal bread with a variety of seeds

Right now, we are making final preparations for a trip to Florida and Georgia. I am so excited about visiting friends there, especially my “American Grandmother” Pat! Lord knows our political views are less than compatible, but I love her nonetheless. Not to mention that she fixes a mean peach cobbler! Bunkey is a one of a kind, Wade is going to take care of the barbecue, Jackie will again claim he ain’t got no accent and we’ll probably end up in his shed playing darts with the all-country-music jukebox on. The squirrels usually don’t object.

When we return, I resolve to start writing the texts for my thesis to get this done and over with. More learning will follow as I’m thinking about picking up my legal studies again. Maybe. Just maybe.

Oh, if you’re an EU citizen, don’t forget to vote next week! The EU parliament may have a greater impact on your daily life than you imagine as it is and with the Lisbon treaty, which is most likely to be ratified in Ireland come October, the Parliament’s role in EU’s decision-making processes will increase significantly. Get informed and vote accordingly. Since I’ll be overseas at the time, I have already mailed in my ballot.

Anyway, the cats are fine.