Valdosta, Georgia is as pretty as I remember it. And the people are still the same. Just the way I like them. This time around, we visited the local museum and learned fascinating facts from the Lowndes county’s past. Did you know that

  • Doc Holliday was raised in Valdosta;
  • the trench gun that gave US troops the winning edge in WWI was invented by a Valdostan;
  • a man from Valdosta figured out a way to use sextants on airplanes.

Though small in size, the museum is very nice and one can easily spend quite a bit of time in there without getting bored for a second. Incidentally, we found plenty of WWI and WWII material related to Slovenia.

Valdosta, we will be back and I am sure we will discover something new each time we visit. Hopefully, it will not just be another shoppong mall or fast food place.

above: an excerpt from 3 May 1945 Stars and Stripes