Sunflowers Need the Sun
Il faut que tu respires (photo by dr. fil)

The subject may be a bit omnipresent, but nevertheless, I decided to participate in this year’s Blog Action Day just as I did last year and the year before.

When tackling the subject of climate change I suppose that the logical front-line discourse is that on its very existence. Is the climate really changing or is the data on which research and reports are actually faulty. Such as temperature measured at the same spots that now happen to be in an urban environment whereas a hundred years ago they were surrounded by forests.

The next logical question might be whether it has been established beyond doubt that climate change has been brought about by human action rather than being a part of the nature of all things on Earth where the only constant is change.

And even if everyone agreed on the above, people would argue whether anything can be done to halt let alone reverse the process.

Today, I choose not to plunge into any of these debates. I know that I like living in a clean environment. I know that I enjoy nature. I know that I hate nasty smells. I know that in most countries, very little energy comes from renewable resources nowadays and that its production causes tangible and visible harm to the environment and to people in vicinity of the power plants. I know that we have developed a mainly buy-as-you-go-then-throw-away society. Other than that, I don’t know very much.

This morning as I went for my early morning jog in Paris (shameless brag plug) and it was still pretty much night out there, I ran past the Notre Dame cathedral and the Georges Pompidou centre. A few days before, I ran to the Sacré Cœur on top of the Montmartre. None of these famous buildings were illuminated except for a few light bulbs inside. Same goes for other world-renowned sites I admired. While in another little country I know, a countless number of little churches are illuminated throughout the night. I find the difference sobering and find myself wondering whether shutting those lights could be a good place to start eliminating some of the light pollution and excessive use of energy.

In total disregard for local weather, I went jogging in my usual gear, i.e. shorts and a tank top, with the temperature at freezing point outside. I passed by not only the grand monuments, but the usual ladies of the night / early morning as well. Two of them – at different posts, mind you – asked me whether it wasn’t too cold and expressed concern for my health. Somehow, I think that may have been ‘the line’ last night. When I returned some 45 minutes later, they were gone. I suppose they were some place warm.

All the rambling aside, I don’t know whether the climate is changing and if so, whether through actions of men. But I do want to live in a place that is clean and green. In my little world, what counts are the actions of every single person.

So let those who talk the talk walk the walk rather than ride private jets. Use public transportation. Heck, use your legs and do some walking or ride a bike. Let’s turn off all the unnecessary lights and get warm without overheating our homes. Clothes help. So do blankets. Or a hug.

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