Actually, it is not. I’m neither Fil nor have I earned a PhD. And I’m not a medical doctor, either. So why the nick? Both subscribers to this blog’ RSS feed already know the answer, but lately some inquiring minds wanted to know as well, so here it comes. The story of this blog wannabe.

Once upon a time… Having worked as a freelance translator throughout my studies, I realised that the work was simply too solitary an affair for me. I needed to get out there. This sentiment coupled with the idea that one needs a ‘real’, ‘full-time’ (ha! now that’s a joke considering the hours freelancers put in) job, encouraged me to explore other options.

I became a real estate agent and hold a license back in Slovenia. In complete contrast to my previous work, this job allowed me to talk to people all days long. What a wild ride! I met so many incredible people and heard countless life stories. Some nicer than others. Several of my clients turned into friends. One in particular.

This British guy was, for some reason, convinced that I should try blogging. Uh huh? I started reading some blogs and especially one blew me away. Said blogger has since become my grandson. Long story. Aaaaanyways. Actually make that two blogs. The first one written in Slovenian and the other one in English. Aaaaaaaanyways.

Just before I started commenting and posting on my own, I had moved temporarily to the Grand Duchy for the first time. During my stay I got to know so many wonderful people. One of them became my jogging-in-Bambesch partner. The beautiful surroundings and extra oxygen encouraged us to discuss all the truly important matters, ie. relationships. Inevitably, I would come up with a simple, clear-cut, no-bullshit solution. Which may well have been over-simplified and possibly wrong, but sounded good at the time and more often than not triggered laughter. Thinking back, it may have been the running-induced adrenaline, but who cares.

The way I ruthlessly kept cutting through the crap to point out the core of the problem reminded us somehow of the guy who became rather famous doing the same thing in better clothes and less of a perspiration issue, sitting in the studio of arguably the most influential US TV show hostess.

So there you go. Call me Fil. Dr. Fil.

Seemed like an OK enough nick to use in the blogosphere and it stuck.

The thing is, I like people. I really and truly do. Sure, I may forget that for a few seconds.. minutes… eg. when a jerk tries to jump queue (note: tries), roads are filled with cars operated by folks who should go back to driving school or when politicians play the card of nationalism. But basically, as far as I’m concerned, homo sapiens is the most fascinating creature of them all. What s/he can accomplish, the complexity of the psyche, the art s/he creates. Music! Love, hate, ambition, depression, thoughtfulness, recklessness. Dramas unfolding throughout the world, intertwined with the stories of other living creatures and the Earth herself, united in a single giant pulse in the Universe.

Anywhere I go, no matter how wondrous the nature or how impressive the man-made objects, nothing can touch me quite as deeply as people and their stories. You are beautiful.

Dr. Fil
PS: Dear mentor, I promise to start writing my MA thesis one of these days. Not sure about going for that PhD, though. 😈
PPS: Chuchi insisted I add this: It is also true that when I travel, I miss my cats.