Recap. In December, Zoran Janković and his party Pozitivna Slovenija won the early parliamentary election. With the vote quite fragmented among the seven parties that made it into the parliament and none of the parties securing a majority on its own, the winner or the relative winner as we like to address him, began negotiations to form a coalition. He failed. Regardless of whether or not Gregor Virant, now often depicted as the Trojan horse, was set to hook up with Janez Janša from the start, the fact remains. Janković was either unable or unwilling to get his signature on the coalition treaty. Oh wait, he did get Virant to initial the document, but this was soon after interpreted as non-definitive by the not-quite-signatory who went on to sign a strikingly similar document with the runner-up of the election, Janez Janša. And the scale was tipped.

In a twist that is quite legal but slightly questionable in the legitimacy department, the runner-up whom the President of Slovenia refused to nominate due to the ongoing trial in the Patria affair, secured the majority in Parliament that will allow him to form the next Slovenian government.

I am not a feminist activist by any stretch of imagination, but while I was actually rooting for Janša & co. to take power, the team that will be proposed tomorrow leaves much to be desired. Some choices seem sound, others seem to be desperate solutions in a quest to please all the coalition partners.

I will say this: No women. Granted, a woman holds the position of a Minister, but does not actually have a ministry to run. Ljudmila Novak, Minister w/o Portfolio, will be taking care of “Slovenians Abroad”. On a side note, the Ministry of Culture is being done away with.

To put it in terms that Janša and his colleagues might understand: a Government consisting of all-male Ministers seems as much out of sync with this day and age as do cassette players. Old boys, new boys, who cares. As long as they are boys.

All things said, I do wish the macho team the best of luck for all our sakes. We shall need it.